Monday, April 06, 2015

First Job

I'm 16 and a sophomore in highschool. A few days ago I was called and finally was accepted for a job. Now it wasn't the normal fast food job many teens have at my age. I'm in the food service but I'll be working at a hospital. I would be the one getting the trays ready and maybe even delivering them to the patients. It took a month or two after two interviews and waiting for a spot to open but I finally got the call.

Now at first I didn't wanna job but now that I think about it, it's probably the best. I will be able to buy my own things and I'll be able to save up for importent things like a car and college.

Now if you think about it at first we will all hate it. Balancing all the work from school then a job but think about it. You will have your own money. Money you worked for. Money you are able to use how you want. Sure your parents are gonna take some but it's to make sure you don't use it all on things that aren't that important.  

But once you get the job call or email you don't start right then and there. There are gonna be jobs where you have to go in and learn about everything which is what I have to do. I also have to go in for a drug test and a physical then of course a background test. Since I would be working with the sick and working in a hospital I understand this all. But when I start I won't be clueless or at least helpless. My sister works there so if I ever have questions I can go talk to her.

She works in a different department in the food service but she started off where I'll be joining plus I think I'll have a few friends when I start since everyone likes my sister and are excited her sister is joining too.

I can't really hate on anything. The pay is awesome for just a part time job. $9.10 an hour and I'll only be working 16 hours. To me this is probably the best since well it's easier then fast food I guess and it would be a great kick off for trying to be a vet. I have to be able to talk to many people and get along with them.

So don't be scared to jump into a job. It can help major and guess what. It means you can look into being able to buy new things. Maybe a new phone or laptop. I know if I get enough I'll try and get a newer phone. Probably not an IPhone but hopefully upgrade to something better then the phone now.

So go for it. It's better then having nothing else to do. I know since I mainly do a few things in the summer and my friends have a job too so we won't be hanging much. I'd rather be doing something and getting money for it then kinda hiding in my room.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Crushes. We all had one and sometimes they pay off and other times nothing truly happens. When you crush on someone there's always the doubt it will happen but there's always that small chance it will happen. Now if you guys are friends it's easier to figure how what the other is thinking but if it's a new person there's always that nervous feeling of not knowing what to do. You wanna talk to them but at the same time you don't know what to say.

I have that problem now and I can for sure say it's not fun. We both make eye contact with eachother and we always catch eachother looking at eachother but we haven't gotten the nerve to message eachother. When you say this to your friends they tell you to go right ahead and say something but the large part of you is thinking the worst and  it scares the hell out of you. 

Your friends make it seem like going up to the guy or girl is so easy but at the same time they don't know what's going through your head. They never know maybe last time you had a crush the crush didn't like you or you just get nervous around new people. Me personally I need a friend around atleast that sorta knows the dude. It's to help me feel better and plus keep the convo going since your friend knows some things about him.  

I find this guy attractive cause well he just is. I always like a dude who can play a sport and its a plus that he plays a sport im into. I like dudes who either play Football and baseball. It's a reason I play softball cause I love watching baseball and going to the games with my dad or family. I also would think it would be cute to have a softball-football relationship or a softball-baseball relationship. To me the relationships are cute as hell.

The main thing I need to do though is to just get up and talk to the dude and I'm even having dreams of me doing that. I guess it's a sign I'll have to make the first move. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

State Game

A few days ago our school found out our basketball team had placed in the state game down in Madison today. It's been almost 70 years since that's happened for West Allis Central and I'm proud iv been here to see it happen. Now we haven't won state yet, the game to see if we can go to the final game is tonight and if they win they are just one game away from winning the Golden Ball for our school.

Yesterday during the pep rally we had tv reporters come and film us and watch the boys leave for Madison. I have to say it was quite interesting since the team had a police escort to Madison which was great. It showed we meant business and plus if I had a police escort Id feel pretty cool myself. The coach bus they went off in wasn't one I was expecting but I guess the school had a lot of surprises. The bus was custume made and looked awesome compared to the normal coach busses iv seen before.
They were selling tickets for students to go to the two games today and Saturday if they won which cost 20 bucks which isn't bad for a ride there and back. If they lost though then the kids would get there ten bucks back which is nice. I just would have thought they would have put a shirt in the mix but they are selling the shirts separate for 10 bucks but I guess it's a way to pay off the bus and the price to make the shirts. For ten bucks and how well the shirt looks I guess it wasn't that bad though. I'm not going to the game but I know many Central kids are going and I know they will show great respect and spirit for the team. 

I just wanna say congrats to my West Allis Central basketball Bulldogs

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Highschool Sucks

Now I know iv been gone for awhile but it's all mainly from the work and stress that had been placed on me. With projects and homework and tests to study for it wasn't easy and now add on softball practice that lasts for 3 hours doesn't help in the mix. Us kids just by joining one sport can cause much stress but think about all your work and one school sport and then go into a League that's not part of your school that practices at 6 when your sport for school just ends. It kinda can get pretty stressful. But of course there will always be more drama and stress to come in High school and not just from schoolwork, it's comes from friends, boyfriends, exs and just big drama queens.  High school life will always suck but hey it's only 4 years and all but many things can happen in that short amount of time. Heartbreak and drama. Hard work and success. But there will also be failure but all you can do is pick yourself up and push it aside. Like many people say, you just gotta get back up on the horse.

Now I know there are people have it worse then me but with all these things I'm doing its kinda hard to do them since I don't have a drivers license and I don't have a car to get myself around. I have to hope and pray my parents have time to take me to these places or I'm kinda screwed.

I'm in softball and and I joined a trapshooting league. Two things I enjoy but together they cost a lot of money. Softball gear and then add in me going into a different sport that cost a lot of money since you have to but vests and glasses and the shells and clays. I know sooner or later I'll have to get a job to help pay but the job I applied for isnt hiring yet cause there's no part-time jobs open yet there so I don't know how long I'll have to wait. But if I get a job I'll have to choose, softball or trapshooting. I can't do both and have a job and worry about school. I'll be taking an advance class next year. I need all the time I can get to do work, shoot and school projects and homework.

Sometimes school takes the fun of things away and as that fun is taken away stress builds up from many different things. Most of them revolve around the school day or whatever. Us teens are told to only get high grades and to worry about school. But worrying about school takes away from the fun things we wanna do. Like sports which helps with colleges and maybe work depending on your career. The school just seem to push that aside which sucks cause we are on our own when it comes to that. We gotta figure our own things out in life but when we are being judged and punished for something's it makes life harder.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Blood Drive

   Today at my school they are doing a blood drive any anyone who was 16 and over was able to sign up and donate. Well I did and today is the day it all happens. Now I'm not afraid to give blood but the only problem I have is the needle first entering my skin and vein. There's always a slinging pain of some kind. Since the bone marrow transplant and having a little over 12 vials of blood taken from me and plus having to get another four or so vials taken cause I went to the doctors cause I was about to faint and thought I was anemic so they had to run blood tests.
   I don't mind sitting there plus its all for a good cause. It helps the student out to well because your able to get out of any class you want to since you get to chose the time to go in. I choose mine for 4th hour which means I would be going in around the end of the class, my time is Noon which isn't bad since I would have eaten before it which is a good thing cause I ain't about to pass out when I get my blood drawn and everything. But as I'm told you get juice and a cookie after so that's a plus. Who wouldn't want a cookie. Cookies are awesome.
    I'm just hoping the whole day is just relaxing and calm. Minus the fact I have a stupid quiz in Chemistry which no one understands. We were only taught it twice then he moves onto another part for one day then expects us to be able to test well on it. Like dude. Come on at least give us more then a worksheet and expect us to catch on real quick. I may be smart but I ain't that smart.
      Now after the blood drive nothing major. Sure I was a little out of it but other then that I was fine. My arm is still sore but I figured that would be what happened after anyways. Either way it wasn't bad Id probably do it again if nothing spots me from doing it at least.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stress of School/People

     It's the time of the year at my school when we get to pick the classes we want for the next year. This is always a hard or stress time since you have to pick all the right classes for your future.  You gotta take into consideration if you wanna go to college and if you do you have to think about the class that will help with that job or career. What doesn't help with this stress is people who don't know how to shut their mouth when it's needed. Today in English I had two girls sitting across from me who didn't know how to shut up. It was a reading day in English and we all were reading our books but they weren't. All they were doing is talking and making no sense. Now the book I picked to read I love and can get into it easy but with them talking and laughing and just being stupid I couldn't focus on the book at all. I could even tell the teacher was getting annoyed with them and so was the whole class.
    Today had just been a very stressful day and a day I couldn't stand anyone trying to be slick around me. Ever since the morning I knew I wasn't gonna be in a good mood at all and I guess some people just don't get the idea of that sometimes. Mainly when your this stressed out you can barely get any work down and it doesn't help when you are so stressed you don't understand something you need to when you have a test on it the next day. I guess the best thing to do when this happens is just either let it out or just stay silent cause some times it's good to let the stuff out but other times it's not needed and could cause even more stress if you say one things wrong.  Just do you and when you get home curl up have some food and watch something that can distract you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boring Days and Lady Problems

     The days I truly hate are the ones when you have to get up like for school or something and all that day is full of is nothing. Straight up just boring crap. Sure it's school and the stuffs always boring but there's always some interesting or funny stuff that can happen at school.
     Now girls will understand this but when it comes for that time of the month stuff just doesn't make up happy. Unless it chocolate and food but we just don't wanna withstand anything. School is even more annoying and add on we gotta deal with moodswings and cramps. Here at school we have a swim class and have to swim for curtain gym classes and it's a pain when girls are on their period and can't or won't put a tampon in and they have to sit up and get marked down. It's a reason I picked a class without a gym course but even then I pray I get my monthly on a Friday so I can deal with the pain and all at home and curled in my bed watching movies. Nothing really catches our attention and me personally I don't wanna deal with school when it's twice as boring and in almost every class it's a worksheet or it's just straight up a project that's not fun at all. Days like this suck and you know it's a boring day when the only fun thing was a fire alarm.